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Current Abstracts
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Current Work on Paper
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Current Sea and Sky
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Opus #333 Painted Harpsichord
(5 Images)
Recent Abstracts
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2008 works on paper
(33 Images)
2008 Sea and Sky
(18 Images)
2004-2007 Sea and Sky
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Graphic Design Portfolio
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2008- Revisiting Row Boats (in process)
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2000-2006 Abstract Work
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City Scapes
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Rowboat Series
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1990's Work
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Purchase Information

Please contact me directly via my guest book on this site if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a work.

Or, you can also go to my current galleries should you prefer. They are:

Eno Gallery in Hillsborough, NC (all work)

Minata Jewelers (both sea/sky and abstract work)

New Elements Gallery in Wilmington, NC  (sea and sky)


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